Youth(Ages 13-18) and Mini(Ages 6-12) Registration

Membership fees:

Family membership, including a parent membership and one youth/mini member costs 130 euro.
Family membership for families with more than one youth/mini member costs 170 euro.

Each family membership brings with it,
  • one vote at the Club AGM,
  • one club membership card ( allows the cardholder access to the club bar discount scheme ),
  • free room hire for all family events (events subject to Club policy),
  • access to Provincial tickets (subject to timely receipt of application forms and ticket availability),
  • free Highfield Branded gift for all Minis (under 12’s)

  • Family membership renewals:

    Players who are already registered do not need to register again. Instead, your parent/guardian will receive a renewal notice via the email address we have on file for you. You will receive this renewal email by mid-August. If you do not receive the email, please make sure we have a valid email address for your parent/guardian.

    If you have an extra child ready to join Highfield RFC and you already have other children registered at the club, just email us at:


    New Family memberships:  

    If this is the first child in a family joining Highfield RFC, a new family registration is required. New family registrations can now be completed on-line.  You can still register for the first time at the club on Saturday morning if you prefer, but in order to keep close contacts to a minimum for this season (2022/23), you may wish instead to register your child for rugby on-line. Each child wishing to play rugby belongs to a family, and each family must possess a family membership. A family membership allows your family to register one or both guardians/parents and the child or children. The registration page will guide you through the data entry and you will have access to the information you provide in order to update it as you see fit. When your child get to adult rugby age he/she will become a club member in their own right and the family membership will no longer be required. 

    To get access to the first time registration link, please contact us at the email address below and you will receive instructions on what to do next:


    Code of conduct

    Please see our code of conduct for players, parents, spectators and coaches

    Link to Code of conduct here